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Vietnamese Black Pepper And All Things You Should Know

Vietnamese Black Pepper And All Things You Should Know

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Vietnam has been the leading producer and exporter of black pepper in recent years, responsible for about 50% of global trade and 1/3 of global production about 150000 tons a year. Find out everything you need to know about Vietnamese black pepper by reading this article.

1. A general introduction to the Vietnamese black pepper

Vietnam is the leading producer and exporter of black pepper, accounting for one-third of the world’s total production and more than half of the world’s total commerce (about 150,000 tons per year).


  • According to the data compiled by the Vietnam Pepper Association in September 2022, Vietnam exported 14901 tons of pepper, of which 12547 tons (84.2% of the total) were comprised of black pepper. In particular, the revenue generated from exporting black pepper reached 48.9 million US dollars, which represented about 85 per cent of the entire revenue generated from exports.
  • The majority of clients have consistently shown a preference for Vietnamese black pepper, therefore it has long been regarded as an indispensable product.
  • The area in which pepper is grown in Vietnam is continuously increasing. To be more specific, the planted area has increased from 9800 hectares to 130000 hectares since 1997, which is an increase of more than 13 times after more than 20 years.
  • In addition, the output of black pepper has always been consistent thanks to climate conditions that are conducive to its cultivation and production as well as substantial support from the government.
  • The Central Highlands and the Southeast are important regions for the production of black pepper. Together, these two regions account for 95% of the total pepper growing area in the country because of their excellent and consistent climate conditions and their fertile basalt soil.
  • When it is still green, Vietnamese farmers select the pepper by hand, and then run it through a machine to divide it so they may save time and effort. Vietnamese black pepper is grown in Vietnam. Pepper was traditionally dried on cement or PP tarpaulin for three to four days in direct sunlight by hand. The impurities will be collected, packed, and distributed for consumption once the pepper has reached the desired level of moisture content and has changed from green to black in color.

2. The defining characteristics of Vietnamese black pepper

The following is a list of qualities that can be discovered in Vietnamese black pepper.

  • In comparison to other types of pepper, Vietnamese black pepper is distinguished by having a diameter of between 3 and 6 millimetres; it can be brown, grey, or black in color, and its skin is wrinkly rather than smooth.
  • The weight of black pepper typically falls somewhere in the range of 350 to 600 (g/l), while its moisture content can be anywhere from 12 to 13.5%, and the number of additives can be anywhere from 0.2 to 2%.
  • Black pepper from Vietnam has a flavor that is best described as somewhat spicy, and it has a pleasant scent. When compared to white pepper, the Vietnamese black pepper will have a milder flavor. When compared to white pepper, black pepper has a more recognizable scent when it is inhaled through the nose.

3. The price of Vietnamese black pepper

The following is some information regarding the cost of exporting black pepper from Vietnam as well as the potential factors that may impact the price.

3.1. The prices of exported Vietnamese black pepper

On Vietnam’s export market, the price of Vietnamese black pepper at 500g/l and 550g/l normally ranges between $4150 and $4250 per ton. This price is much lower than the pepper export price in the early months of 2022, which was approximately 5200 USD/ton and has decreased by approximately 150 USD/ton since the third quarter of 2022.

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It is anticipated that the export price of black pepper from Vietnam will be relatively beneficial in the period that is to come. This is because demand from partners is expected to increase due to a scarcity of pepper, which in turn tends to cause prices to climb.

3.2. Factors affecting the price of Vietnamese black pepper

The prices exported of black pepper can be affected by a number of different factors, some of which are listed below.


Factors affecting the price of Vietnamese black pepper

  • Supply of black pepper in Vietnam: The supply of black pepper in Vietnam dropped during the Covid 19 pandemic and as a result of climate change. The limited supply also contributed to an increase in the cost of black pepper.
  • The following characteristics of Vietnamese black pepper: The quality of black pepper produced in Vietnam has a considerable influence on the value of black pepper on the market. For instance, the higher the capacity or parameters such as contaminants, the lower the breakage rate, and the higher the price of black pepper are all directly related to one another.
  • After the epidemic caused by the COVID 19 virus, the logistics industry in Vietnam has demonstrated some encouraging results. Every day, there are more businesses of varying sizes and scopes that are beginning to operate in this sector. However, gasoline prices are still unstable, which has an impact not only on the costs of transportation but also on the pricing of black pepper in Vietnam.
  • Policies of government: This is also a huge effect on the amount of exported Vietnamese black pepper. However, Vietnam has negotiated many trade agreements that can help buyers benefit from many preferential tariffs and reduced prices for pepper when compared to countries that are not signatories to the agreement. These benefits can be compared to those that are available to buyers in countries that are not signatories to the agreement.

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