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Things you should know about cinnamon production

Things you should know about cinnamon production

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It is crucial to grab general knowledge about cinnamon production before stepping into this promising field. 

Cinnamon production: Typical products

There are lots of types of cinnamon products traded in the market and it is impossible to list all of them in just one article. The list below includes the 7 most popular cinnamon products at this time.

  • Tube cinnamon
  • Stick cinnamon
  • Cigarette cinnamon
  • Split cinnamon
  • Broken cinnamon
  • Cinnamon oil
  • Cinnamon powder


Cinnamon production: Processing procedure

Cinnamon production varies from product to product. For example, stick cinnamon is produced by tube cinnamon after being cleaned and dried, while broken cinnamon needs to go through a strict grounding step.

The product that has to pass the most complex processing steps is cinnamon oil. Cinnamon oil is extracted from cinnamon bark or leaves by the distillation method, then has to go through a strict process to remove impurities.

Cinnamon production: Main producers and consumers

As a wise seller and purchaser, it is necessary to know top cinnamon producers and consumers.

Top producers

According to OEC, 4 giant cinnamon producers all over the world are Vietnam, Indonesia, China and Sri Lanka. Among them, Vietnam, Indonesia and China are famous for its Cassia cinnamon, while Sri Lanka gains the spotlight by its prestigious Ceylon cinnamon. In 2019, Vietnam ranked 1st in the list of global exporters with $175M in exports value.

Top consumers

In reports of OEC, India, the EU and the US are the 3 biggest cinnamon importers in many years. In which, India and countries in the Middle East are main consumer markets for Cassia cinnamon, especially broken cinnamon and cinnamon powder due to its good quality and reasonable prices. In the meantime, Ceylon cinnamon is really dominant in the West, especially Mexico and the US.

Cinnamon production: Top suppliers

The list below would be helpful for those who are struggling for finding reputable cinnamon suppliers.


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