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The truths about Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria

The truths about Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria

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There is a growing demand for Vietnamese hair in the African market, including Nigeria. Many hair suppliers from there have come all the way to Vietnam for beautiful raw hair, which raises a question if there is a Vietnamese hair factory in Nigeria. Let us find out in this blog.

Can you find a Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria

The demand for premium Vietnamese hair is rocketing in the Nigerian market with numerous orders each year. Importing Vietnamese hair and reselling them on this market has become a lucrative business for Nigerian hair vendors. But, if the demand is high, is there at least a Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria? The answer is no. That may sound like sad news, but the reason is understandable. A Vietnam hair factory can’t function in Nigeria because of the lack of raw materials, skillful workers and modern facilities, while it can manufacture hair right in Vietnam with all three factors available and at a cheaper cost.

However, nowadays Nigerian hair wholesalers can make their way to Vietnam and order or transport Vietnamese hair through various channels. The logistics systems are well-developed, all roads lead to Rome. They can get Vietnamese hair at a good price, with lower cost and faster delivery.

There is no Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria. Not a problem. Everyone can start a hair business or just simply buy hair from Vietnam without differences and difficulties.


There is no Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria.

Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria: Why choosing Vietnamese hair

That there is no Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria doesn’t make Vietnamese hair products less attractive to this faraway market. Here’s why:

  • Clear origins: Vietnamese hair is directly taken from hair donors in Vietnam with top-notch quality. The hair is well taken care of with herbs and nutrients from healthy diets and lifestyle.
  • Beautiful textures: Vietnamese hair extension products are famous for its unique beauty. The hair is jet black, soft and silky with a healthy shine. Moreover, they hair is totally manageable and long lasting with proper care.
  • Better price: Hair extensions from Vietnamese hair factories is less expensive than doing it through a Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria. Vietnamese hair factories can operate right in Vietnam, which is the material source and still, they can provide hair products with very competitive prices for foreign wholesalers.
  • Favorable geographic location and government incentives: Needless to say, Vietnam is in a good location for both air freight and ocean freight. As an exporting country, the government has a lot of incentives to promote the export activities in Vietnam. Therefore, it isn’t a challenge to import hair in small or large quantities from Vietnam to Nigeria.

Despite the fact that there is no Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria, Nigerian buyers and wholesalers can always purchase Vietnamese hair extensions with competitive prices and good quality from factories in Vietnam.

Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria: must-know thing about Vietnamese hair factories

Here are some considerations to make before determining how to import hair from Vietnam as there isn’t a Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria:

  • In Vietnam, there are two types of hair business, commercial hair company and hair factory. Since there aren’t many Vietnamese hair producers, the majority of distributors are businesses. Vietnamese companies specialize in creating particular types of hair products very well, and the quality is consistent. However I suggest you should get hair from a wholesale hair factory to get the best deal and quality.
  • Remember to buy hair in bulk to get a discount
  • Since each salesperson from the same organization could provide a different offer, you should compare numerous of their offerings.
  • You should prepare ahead of time to prevent missing any work as delivery times might be delayed.

That there is no Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria isn’t a big problem, getting hair directly from Vietnam is a solution, however, you need to pay attention to these above things before making a decision.

How to get Vietnamese hair without Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria

Don’t worry if there is no Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria, here are the ways to get Vietnamese hair from Vietnam.

Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria: Find a good Vietnamese supplier

In this part we will find out how you can purchase hair from a Vietnamese factory without any Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria. With numerous Vietnamese hair suppliers on the internet, it can be daunting to find a suitable hair supplier for yourself. Here are some tips you can follow:

  • Searching for information: Finding the information about the hair vendor you want to work with via social media or their main website.
  • Read the reviews: Don’t forget to carefully read the reviews from previous customers, pay attention to the negative feedback.
  • Considering the prices: Prices usually go with quality. However, this isnt always the case. You need to find a suitable price for your budget and be a wise customer.
  • Check the policy: The conditions of the payment, return, refunds and exchanges policies should be carefully inspected. Selecting a company that allows returns or exchanges is better.

Above are the tips you should follow to get hair from Vietnam in the situation when there is no Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria.

Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria: Choose the suitable products

If there was a Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria, it would still be better to buy hair from Vietnamese factories as there are numerous products options for yourself, from the basic hair extensions to weft hair, frontals, closures to sophisticated wigs. It can be confusing standing in front of hundreds of options. In that case you need to remember what is your demand, do you need it for personal use or business purpose? Which hair types are loved in Nigerian markets?.. Based on that, you can pick up the right products for your needs.


You need to find the suitable products for your needs.

Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria: Buying process

After targeting the main products, now we come to the buying process. It can be a little bit more complicated than buying from a Vietnamese hair factory in Nigeria.

  • Firstly, you need to contact the sales teams via What Apps or social media or through the chat box on the main websites. They will send you detailed information about the products, shipping terms and the policy.
  • Secondly you can ask for samples if needed to avoid losing out on money for not as good products. Don’t forget to request a video call for better understanding of the products and their business
  • Thirdly, Vietnamese hair sellers will need a deposit or advance payment for a percentage of the product’s price, often between 50 and 70% of the value of the items, once you have verified the invoice before starting production.
  • Finally, Delivery may take five to ten days. For consumers in Nigeria, Vietnamese hair producers always have their own delivery methods.

Even when there is no Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria, you can still get your order in a timely manner.
Whether there is Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria or not, the buying process is just a piece of cake. So, don’t hesitate to order hair directly from Vietnam.

Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria: Post- purchase

Without any Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria, the post-purchase process is not very complicated. If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to contact the suppliers, they will do anything to help you whether there is a defect in the products or you need help with the installation.

Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria: Top picks

As there is no Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria, you can get hair directly from these top factories.

  • Vin Hair Vendor: Vin Hair vendor is the best hair factory in Vietnam with more than 10 years of experience. They offer hair bulk, hair extensions and wefts hair starting from just $8 per item. Returns, refunds and exchanges are allowed.
  • Layla Hair: Layla hair is a hair provider from Vietnam. They offer a lot of hair products to meet your demand from tape-ins, clip-ins,..to wigs with excellent quality. The price is quite reasonable, the retail price for an 18 inch lace frontal is 108$. Moreover, they accept returns and exchanges.
  • Mic Hair: There is no Vietnam hair factory in Nigeria, don’t worry, come to Vietnam and Mic Hair will help you out. Frontals, closures and hair wefts are available in their stock. The price may seem a bit higher, $120 for a 10 inch straight natural black frontal. They accept returns of unchanged items within 30 days.

With these three factories, you can get any hair products with reasonable prices coming with good service. So, there is no need to have a Vietnamese hair factory in Nigeria, you can come to Vietnam to get hair directly from a hair wholesaler. If you want to know where other hair sellers in Nigeria source their hair from, read this article: https://vinhairvendor.com/find-out-where-do-nigerian-hair-sellers-buy-from/