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The Perfect Louis Vuitton Women’s Clutch To Start Your Collection

The Perfect Louis Vuitton Women’s Clutch To Start Your Collection

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Do you desire a Louis Vuitton women’s clutch? Yes, without a doubt—we all know that. Hence, the following is a list of the best Louis Vuitton Women’s Clutches that you will love at first sight.

1. Reason Why You Should Own A Louis Vuitton Women’s Clutch

One of the most famous high-end brands in the world is Louis Vuitton. It’s simple to understand why so many ladies are drawn to the goods offered by this company. Here are some reasons why the Louis Vuitton Women’s Clutch is so popular. You won’t want to miss out on this.

  • Uniqueness: A stunning Louis Vuitton Women’s Clutch will make women stand out in a crowd and go with many different fashion trends. Women will look very elegant, modern, and mature when they are dressed up with a clutch and matching shoes.
  • Fashionable : If you’re a fashionista, it goes without saying that you want your entire ensemble and accessories to be “trendy,” preferably the most trendy. Because they are crucial for almost everything you do, clutches are something you should surely have in your wardrobe.
  • Suitable for parties: Parties, business meetings, and other formal gatherings are perfect settings for Louis Vuitton Women’s Clutch. Clutch will ensure the necessary elegance and make the ensemble as a whole look more flawless.
  • Various styles: Women’s clutches come in a variety of materials and patterns, so based on their needs, they may choose the ideal item with ease.

2. The Best Louis Vuitton Women’s Clutch Every Ladies Desire.

You won’t be able to look at the best Louis Vuitton Women’s Clutch that we’re about to show you once you see these clutches.

2.1. Top 1 Louis Vuitton Women’s Clutch – Félicie Pochet

Weddings, parties, and even dates are perfect occasions to use this Louis Vuitton women’s clutch.


Félicie Pochet

  • Price: This Louis Vuitton women’s clutch costs $1,760
  • Material: Monogram embossed grained cowhide is designed for this LV clutch
  • Color: Félicie Pocket comes in Black/ Beige, Dove/ Cream
  • Fearture: The BiColor palette adds flair to this sleek and adaptable design of the Féciline Louis Vuitton women’s clutch with a retractable gold-tone chain and two removable pockets.

2.2. Top 2 Louis Vuitton Women’s Clutch – Vanity PM

For Spring/Summer 2020, Nicolas Ghesquière redesigned the Nice vanity kit into a Monogram and Monogram Reverse city bag.


Vanity PM

  • Price: This LV women clutch has the price range from $3,900 to $4,300
  • Color: LV Women Clutch comes in Monogram, Monogram Ink, Monogram Empreinte Leather (Noir, Tourterelle)
  • Fearture: A twofold zipper and a padlock are used to close the Vanity PM Louis Vuitton Women’s Clutch. It has a key bell with four bottom studs for increased security, an interior flat pocket, and these features. The golden chain is detachable.

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2.3. Top 3 Louis Vuitton Women’s Clutch – MINI DAUPHINE

For lovers of the Dauphine, this Mini Dauphine is a must-have. It comes in a variety of hues, including classic black, spotless white, and vibrant yellow.

  • Price: Top 3 Louis Vuitton Women’s Clutch costs $5,400
  • Color: This Louis Vuitton Women’s Clutch is designed with Epi and Monogram pattern.
  • Fearture: Its stunning design has a magnetic lock and adjustable smart strap.

2.4. Top 4 Louis Vuitton Women’s Clutch – Papillon Trunk

A baguette is made from the renowned Louis Vuitton Women’s Clutch Papillon. Honoring the House’s history as a trunk manufacturer are S-Lock and LV-embossed trims and studs.


Papillon Trunk

  • This Louis Vuitton has price at $2,910.

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2.5. Top 5 Louis Vuitton Women’s Clutch – Marceau



Stylish on the inside and exterior, this Louis Vuitton Women’s Clutch Marceau has room for an iPhone Pro Max and a large wallet. What an elegant and fantastic convenience.

  • The gorgeous Marceau chain bag in Monogram Empreinte leather costs $4,600.

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