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The luxury and sophisticated interior space of the La Veranda project

The luxury and sophisticated interior space of the La Veranda project

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In the following article, we will introduce and show you the features and highlights of the rendering process. And especially this project that K-Render Studio has the opportunity to cooperate with is La Veranda.

General introduction to La Veranda

In part one, we will talk about some overview features of La Veranda.

Customer’s initial idea of ​​La Veranda project

With an area of ​​​​nearly 1000 square meters, Mr. Ken is the owner of this high-class and luxurious apartment. 


La Veranda layout

  • Firstly, we also had the opportunity to talk with him and both partners had a direct discussion regarding La Veranda. Besides, we also introduced Mr. Ken and discussed the contract of this transaction. In order for the working process between the two sides to go smoothly and quickly, we have discussed and discussed very carefully the necessary details for the La Veranda project.
  • Secondly, Mr. Ken was very enthusiastic about sharing a lot of things with us. He shared not only the topic of work about La Veranda but also his life as well as that of his family. We appreciate such sharing and working spirit from customers. This will help the customer service team as well as the 3D rendering team to be able to understand Mr. Ken more. From there, we will be able to satisfy our customers with renderings for the La Veranda project.

After understanding the expectations and gathering the parameters and inputs for the 3D rendering of La Veranda, our rendering team started working immediately.

La Veranda layout

The following is the layout of La Veranda.

  • The first floor includes the living room, kitchen, large bedroom as well as personal spaces such as the bathroom..
  • The second floor includes 3 small bedrooms. The bedrooms are arranged in a circle. One of them has a bedroom combined with a workspace with a beautiful view outside.

The rendering process of the La Veranda project

In the following section, we will introduce you to the information as well as the important factors that contribute to the success of the La Veranda project.

La Veranda light

The first step of the rendering process for a La Veranda project is the light element just like Dreamsville. So why is the lighting of a rendering space important?


La Veranda light

  • The first reason: Light is the soul of La Veranda space. If the light of La Veranda is bright and energetic, the room will become more refined and fresh. However, that does not mean that a room placed in the evening space is not beautiful and sophisticated. All lights have their characteristics and standards. Lighting in 3D rendering will help the houses become the most soulful and realistic.
  • The second reason: Light will help the colors of the objects in the house most closely resemble real life. Specifically, objects made of wood, if there is light from the outside environment, the gloss of the wood will be easy to see. In addition, people looking at it will not have the feeling that this is a render but a photo taken in real life.

Using the right materials for objects in La Veranda

Next is also a very important factor in the 3D rendering process of the La Veranda project. This is also the factor make K-Render diffirent from architectural visualization companies. That is the material in the house.


Using the right materials for objects in La Veranda

  • First of all, the homeowner will choose for their home the materials that are suitable for their family’s preferences and activities. In the case of this La Veranda project, we also discussed and agreed with Mr. Ken about the material of the objects in the house. 
  • Next, materials such as wood, stone, and brick were used a lot with this La Veranda project. We used specific techniques and color palettes to 3D render Ken’s house. The K-Render rendering team managed to overcome many limitations and shortcomings in this process. Only then can we bring our customers the most realistic and quality graphic products.

Choosing the photography angle for each room of La Veranda

And the factor that we want to mention in the rendering process of the La Veranda project is the selection of the shooting angle for each room in this house.

To be able to visualize a room with great angles, we had to discuss and get the consent of Mr. Ken – the owner of the house.


Choosing the photography angle for each room of La Veranda

  • The camera angle will be able to show the viewer the entire view of La Veranda from different angles. There are basic camera angles such as straight angle, front, diagonal right angle, left diagonal and top-down camera angle… 
  • Customers can completely choose their favorite camera angles. Besides, the team of architects – directly rendering 3D for this La Veranda project this time advised Mr. Ken very enthusiastically. They help their clients make the most informed choices for their La Veranda apartment.


The La Veranda project ended very successfully. Mr. Ken and his family are very satisfied with this type of architectural renderings K-Render has made. His whole family is waiting for the house to be completed.

If you are interested in K-Render Studio’s 3D rendering service, please contact info@krender.com. With the working motto of always listening, understanding and accompanying our customers, K-Render will bring you the best service experience and best quality!