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The best Vietnamese hair provider is Queen Hair

The best Vietnamese hair provider is Queen Hair

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In 2000, Queen Hair initially opened its doors. Queen Hair’s facility is located in Bac Ninh, Vietnam, and it employs hundreds of people across six divisions. 

Queen Hair factory is divided into six sections

Queen Hair is proud to announce that it provides customers with the best hair products that are ethically produced. Hair is collected from Vietnamese mountain tribes by Queen Hair – a branch of K-Global. These donors maintain a healthy lifestyle by washing their hair with herbs and eating a well-balanced diet. Their hair is silky and smooth as a consequence. 


  • The weft division of our plant employs highly educated personnel who produce the best quality weft in the shortest time possible. We use the most advanced machine technology to create the highest quality hair. 
  • Thousands of hair types are produced each month in the closure and frontal areas. We can develop hundreds of different haircuts thanks to the extensive experience of our manufacturing personnel, ensuring that we can meet the demands of each client. 


  • Straight hair with no kinks. To get this hairstyle, workers must have proper expertise in order to generate silky, smooth, and tangle-free hair. Queen Hair Factory promises to supply the greatest quality Vietnamese hair on a consistent basis. 
  • The Curly area requires skilled staff with considerable attention and ability to achieve the most perfect curls. With our high-tech equipment, we can produce over a hundred different curly hairstyles. 
  • In the subject of color, we set ourselves apart from other manufacturers. With over 50 different hair colors and the most up-to-date hair dryers, we can assure the brightest color while maintaining silky smooth hair. 

The production process at Queen Hair 

Queen Hair offers high-quality, low-cost products to Nigerian customers. “Quality first” is Queen Hair’s fundamental guiding principle. 


  • After the hair has gone through all of the production procedures, it will be transported to the quality control department, where staff will extensively check and evaluate the hair’s quality, ensuring that it reaches our consumers in the best possible condition. 
  • After that, the hair will be taken to the packing and shipping department, where it will be wrapped and delivered to clients. 
  • Furthermore, we have over 60 employees working in the customer service, sales, and media departments who are available to advise and speak with consumers at any time of day or night. 
  • Every customer that shops at Queen Hair is referred to as a Queen, and we treat them as such by delivering the best hair quality and customer care. Customers, we believe, are the ones who have given us our Crown. 

Queen Hair’s foundation story

Ms. Jessica grew up in an agricultural household and always wanted to make a difference and aid her family. Jessica was the first person in her family to attend college. She was resolved to make a difference after being accepted into a famous institution. 


  • She found a very fresh and potential industry: human hair from Vietnam country, while on a field trip in the highlands of western Vietnam. She chose to create the first hair salon in Vietnam after learning about these people’s hairstyles. 
  • She has spent years studying new technologies and mastering a variety of current approaches to apply to the manufacturing process. She agreed to a long-term arrangement with the folks on the mountain and traveled there every month to have her hair done. In exchange, they take good care of their hair, eat well, and wash their hair with natural treatments. 
  • Queen Hair has evolved into one of Vietnam’s biggest and most respected hair product enterprises throughout the years. Thousands of hairdressing brands use Queen Hair as their hairdressing agency across the globe. 
  • Queen Hair knows precisely what the customer wants and what style of hair to generate thanks to her significant professional expertise. Queen Hair offers a staff of hair stylists that specialize in designing cutting-edge hair extensions ideas and ensuring that each hairdo is of the highest quality. Queen Hair is divided into six sections, each of which is responsible for ensuring that all Queen Hair products are of the greatest quality when they reach clients. 


Queen Hair is always confident in its goods and works hard to ensure that clients are satisfied. Over the last two decades, Queen Hair has steadily developed, and we appreciate all of our clients for their continued support and purchases.