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Special things of specialty coffee trader

Special things of specialty coffee trader

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Since the global demand for coffee products has increased, specialty coffee traders have emerged as an important link in the specialty coffee trading chain.

Definition of specialty coffee trader

A specialty coffee trader is one selling bulk coffee products to gain a profit. Specialty coffee traders can also be called a broker or an intermediary company between buyers and producers, specializing in trading specialty coffee products with high prices and high quality.


Locations of specialty coffee trader

Specialty coffee traders are more likely to be found in areas where the best coffee is produced and where there is a significant demand for coffee. This means that major coffee-producing countries in the world coffee belt, such as Brazil (about 3,558 million MT in 2020), Colombia (approximately 846 million MT), and Vietnam (approximately 1,8812 million MT), all have specialty coffee traders. These traders have a critical mission: to diversify the coffee market by delivering unique specialty coffee goods from various places to other parts of the world.

Types of specialty traders

There are 2 main types of specialty coffee traders

Domestic specialty coffee trader

Domestic specialty coffee traders function as intermediaries between customers and producers in a single country. They mostly deliver specialty coffee items from manufacturers to coffee shops, restaurants, and wholesale coffee purchasers, where they are utilized as ingredients in coffee shop beverages, gifts for friends or partners, or just to brew drinks at home. Domestic specialty coffee sellers prefer to provide lower prices than those residing overseas due to a lack of transportation costs and customs fees.

International coffee trader

The most significant distinction between local and international coffee sellers is the territory in which they operate. Customers in foreign locations are targeted by international specialty coffee traders, who buy for retail or in bulk. This type of trader must complete more sophisticated and detailed tasks, such as locating acceptable consumers and submitting required documentation that adheres to various import terms and restrictions in other countries.

Main products provided by Specialty trader

Specialty coffee traders not only provide Specialty coffee but they also provide premium ones.

Specialty Arabica

Arabica must meet all of the demanding requirements for the “Specialty coffee” label, including farming regulations, production, packing, and preservation, and must score above 80 points on the SCAA’s rating. The final Specialty Arabica goods have a little sour and bitter flavor, as well as a pleasant scent. On the market, these premium coffee wholesale prices are between 9000 and 11000 USD per metric ton.

Premium Arabica

Premium Arabica is less expensive than Specialty Arabica (about 4500–5400 USD/ton), yet it is still one of the most expensive coffees in the world. Premium Arabica coffee beans are ideal for individuals who wish to sample the finest coffee flavor at a lower cost than Specialty Arabica.

Top reputable specialty Arabica trader

K-Agriculture has always aimed to bring Vietnamese coffee products to the rest of the globe throughout its lengthy history of establishment and development. K-Agriculture, which specializes in coffee, one of Vietnam’s most important exports, has established itself as one of the country’s major coffee bean producers.


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