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Robusta Lam Dong – Best Selling Product of K-Agriculture

Robusta Lam Dong – Best Selling Product of K-Agriculture

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Robusta Lam Dong is one of the most outstanding products supplied by K-Agriculture. With favorable growing conditions and the honey processing method, K-Agriculture makes its Robusta Lam Dong totally different from any other varieties in the coffee market.

The origin of K-Agriculture’s Robusta Lam Dong coffee

The majority of Vietnamese Robusta coffee trees are grown in Lam Dong province, where all of the growing conditions are guaranteed to be the best in Vietnam. Robusta Lam Dong, which is grown in a fertile region at an elevation of 1000 meters, has a distinct robust flavor that is highly favored in several nations.

After a long trip, only the highest-quality Robusta Lam Dong beans are transported to K-Agriculture’s factory – a Vietnamese leading wholesale coffee suppliers in Di Su Ward, My Hao Town, Hung Yen, Vietnam, where the experience continues.


Robusta Lam Dong product information

  • Robusta Lam Dong beans characteristics

Robusta Lam Dong of K-Agriculture has moisture of 12.5%, black and broken beans rate of 2% at maximum. This bean is only harvested in 100% ripping. Different from other general processing methods with Robusta coffee, Robusta Lam Dong of K-Agriculture is processed with honey to enhance the sweetness of the beans and decrease bitter taste.

  • Robusta Lam Dong beans appearances

Robusta Lam Dong coffee beans are small and slightly rounded, the middle groove is often straight. When roasted, the dark-brown color of Robusta Lam Dong beans is more uniform than Arabica beans.

  • Robusta Lam Dong beans substance
Caffeine content 1,7 – 3,5%
Sugar rate 3-7%
Lipids 10-11.5%
Chlorogenic Acid 7-10%
  • Robusta Lam Dong taste

Robusta Lam Dong Honey coffee beans are one of the best products in the market nowadays thanks to its unique flavour. The sweetness of honey, mixed with the harsh unique taste of Robusta has made it a special product as we know. Moreover, this variety has a woody aroma accompanying a satisfying body and mouthfeel.

  • Robusta Lam Dong certificates

Our Robusta Honey coffee beans have been awarded for numerous reputable certifications, including Vietpresso 2019, ISO 9001:2015, HACP CODE:2003, and others.


Robusta Lam Dong commercial advantages

Price of Robusta Lam Dong is not too high but this variety of coffee brings many profits.

Competitive advantages of Robusta Lam Dong in international market

Vietnam is famous for exporting Robusta coffee first in the world and 90% exported coffee of Vietnam is also Robusta. So, Robusta Lam Dong is one of the most famous varieties of Vietnam to export to the international market. This brings for Vietnam in general and K-Agriculture in particular many profits and reputation.

Benefits of Robusta Lam Dong secondary processing method

Robusta coffee is often used in instant coffee due to its low price. In an instant coffee sachet, all elements such as coffee, sugar, milk, flavoring are included to meet the needs of most drinkers, so the original coffee taste is no longer retained and the aroma also is dominated by other flavors. Therefore, many manufacturers have replaced Arabica coffee with Robusta coffee to reduce production costs.


How to use Robusta Lam Dong

Because of high acidity and bitter taste, Robusta Lam Dong is often combined with Arabica to enhance strong body and softer crema for Espresso cups.

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