Robusta coffee – Tiny beans from the farm to the global market

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Robusta coffee beans have a variety of biological and economic properties which Robusta coffee merchants must understand in order to be effective.

Robusta coffee general information

Coffee has long been a popular beverage in many parts of the world. Coffee experts not only appreciate, but also perceive, the distinct flavor of each kind. Robusta coffee is one of the most popular varieties of coffee today. So, what are the qualities of this coffee?

Robusta coffee origin

Robusta coffee was found in the 1800s in the Congo. Following that, this plant became naturalized in a number of countries, including Borneo, Polynesia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Jamaica. The country was introduced to Robusta coffee. Southeast Asia about 1900 and was widely grown and farmed.


Robusta coffee origin and distribution

Robusta is also being introduced and cultivated more widely in Vietnam. With a hot and humid environment, an appropriate height, and fertile soil. As a result, this plant develops very well and produces a significant yield year after year.

Characteristics of Robusta coffee

Robusta coffee is also known as Coffea Canephora.

  • This coffee stands out due to its high caffeine concentration, which ranges from 3% to 4%. Meanwhile, Arabica coffee accounts for just 1% to 2% of the total.
  • The growth of Robusta coffee is becoming more popular as a result of its numerous economic benefits.
  • Robusta coffee plants only need to be 3 to 4 years old before they can be harvested. The tree has a lifespan of 20 to 30 years.

Aroma and taste of Robusta coffee

The flavor of coffee reflects the quality of the coffee. However, the quality of excellent or terrible coffee is determined by a variety of different factors.

  • Robusta coffee has a somewhat robust aroma and is said to taste like oats. If the Robusta coffee hasn’t been roasted, it might smell like fresh peanuts.
  • When roasted, the scent of Robusta coffee will have a weak and harsh aroma, which is also the aroma of this coffee.

Seeds, planting location, height, soil quality, climatic conditions, care, fertilizers, harvesting and processing processes, and coffee roasting experience are only a few examples. These elements will have a significant influence on coffee quality.

Factors affecting Robusta coffee price

Many firms are constantly interested in the pricing of Robusta coffee. This item’s price growth or decrease is frequently influenced by a variety of economic and social variables…


Demand variables influencing Robusta coffee beans wholesale pricing include:

  • Rising demand in emerging markets as per capita income rises – coffee consumption in China has more than quadrupled in the previous five years.
  • Increasing prices for coffee substitutes such as tea and chocolate.


Climate variables, such as the impact of El Nino, are among the supply factors that affect Robusta coffee pricing.

  • Currently available coffee (stock)
  • The number of nations that produce coffee
  • Productivity and investment in coffee production in the world’s leading coffee-producing countries
  • Lower stocks put upward pressure on pricing – prices are expected to rise

Factors affecting the price of Robusta coffee

Long-term coffee supply threats

Experts are increasingly certain that climate change will have a significant impact on coffee production in the coming years. Climate change is endangering coffee-growing land, since the rising surface will no longer be suited for cropping. Coffee is a source of income for roughly 15 million Ethiopians, or 16% of the population. Climate change is a big challenge to their economies’ resiliency.

Important economic topics to consider

Market Price Fluctuations: What Causes Them?

  • Farm volatility, income, profitability, employment, and investment have micro-consequences.
  • Exports (balance of payments), GDP, tax revenue, and chances for poverty reduction are some of the macroeconomic effects of volatility.

High quality Robusta coffee companies

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Mokito SpA

Mokito is a traditional coffee roasting house in Milan that has been in operation since 1931. Mokito Milano’s origins began in 1931, when Daniele De Bei formed ICAM (Import of Arabic Mokito Coffee). Mokito has long been a reference for Northern Italy, despite its deep roots in Milan.