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How to choose good white pepper and ensure food safety

How to choose good white pepper and ensure food safety

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Many consumers are concerned about where to get white pepper and sometimes hesitate because they are unsure when buying unclear white pepper, whether the quality is assured and safe or not. This article will help you to answer your questions.


White pepper: The definition


White pepper is also known as skull pepper, these are two different ways of calling the same pepper. At first hearing, we thought this was a special pepper variety, but no, white pepper (head pepper) is processed very simply. From the green peppers, people wait for them to ripen (turn red) and then remove the skins to dry. White pepper or skullcap often has beautiful ivory or gray color.



The production process of white pepper


There are two ways to make white pepper: 

Making white pepper by hand without bleaching

After picking, the peppers will be incubated until all ripe or no need to brew, then soak in water for 3 to 5 days for a blanket, then rub and remove the shell. This rubbing stage is mainly done by hand, so it is very laborious. After rubbing pepper, makers will remove the shell, we proceed to wash it with clean water and bask it or dry it.

Pepper at this time is skull pepper, but it is ivory yellow but not very white, the product is called handmade skull pepper.

White pepper by bleaching

To make white pepper, we carry out the bleaching process. Normally, H2O2 is used to make white pepper, which is the type of solution on the list for use in food processing at the allowed content. Soak colored peppercorns for about 1-2 hours and then rinse with water and hang or dry. Under sunlight or drying room temperature will decompose H2O2 -> H2O + O2.

At this time, the pepper will be whiter and more beautiful, the economic value is also higher, so it is also called white pepper.

In fact, some white pepper production places use Javen water, this chemical is difficult to decompose and when absorbed in the pepper will not be washed. So white pepper made from Javen water is not safe for users’ health.


Where to buy delicious and safe white pepper 


Top 3 good white pepper suppliers in Vietnam


  • K- Agriculture 


K-Agriculture Factory is the standardized supplier of the best wholesale Rice, Coffee, and Spices from Vietnam. 

During 25 years of development, we have expanded our distribution to 80 countries around the world because we have an advanced milling and polishing chain with a capacity of 15000 tons/month, along with a 21500-ton storage capacity. K-Agriculture Factory becomes a national project bringing the best Vietnamese agricultural products to the international market. 



  • PHL Vietnam pepper


With many years of experience in exporting all kinds of pepper including: red pepper, white peppercorns, black pepper…with modern, closed, hygienic production systems which create big pepper, characteristic aroma. PHL Vietnam pepper’s main export markets are India, Korea, Europe…


  •  Vilaconic Agriculture


Over 37 years of supplying and exporting pepper products such as: Dried green pepper, black and white pepper, flat black pepper, spiked pepper, … Vilaconic is proud to always strictly control product parameters according to international quality standards with quality certificates such as: HACCP, ISO, HALAL, FDA, ..