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Hair extension market: a money-making market in recent years

Hair extension market: a money-making market in recent years

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There is no doubting the expansion of the hair extension market in recent years. If you want to start a business with wholesale real hair extensions, the below article will provide you information about this hair extension market.

Overview of the hair extension market.

One of the most important steps in beginning a business is researching the industry and studying about the product, particularly in the real hair extension market. Despite the fact that the hair extension market is not a new one, many individuals are still unfamiliar with it.

What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions are real hair items. Manufacturers in the hair extension market gather natural hair from donors and process, clean, and attach it to bundles before providing it to clients.

The key parts of the hair extension market.

In order to meet all of the demands of clients, the hair extension market provides a wide selection of products. Hair extensions in the market are often classed based on the following criteria:


Several types of products in hair extension market.

  • By method: Inthe real hair extension market, the most popular techniques include tape-in, clip-in, microlink, sew-in, keratin…. When compared to other hair extension items on the real hair extension market, clip-in hair extensions are the most often used among them, with a 38.28% use rate.
  • By quality: There are three different product categories available on the real hair extension market: virgin hair, remy hair, and non-remy hair. Particularly Russian virgin hair extensions are the most costly hair extensions. It makes sense that they are one of the most expensive classes in the hair extension market since natural Russian hair is often light, thin, and shiny.
  • By origin: Origin is a very diverse category in the hair extension market, but the most appreciated products often come from suppliers in Vietnam, China and India. These are also the three main exporting countries of the hair extension market. In addition, you can see that hair extensions are also taken from the hair of Americans, Canadians, Russians…..

With just the main categories listed above, you can see how diverse and complicated the hair extension market is. But this will also give you more options, especially for wholesale real hair extensions business.

Why are real hair extensions so popular?

The hair extension market is a market with a very high potential, and it will continue to expand further in the years to come, as determined by the study of industry professionals.The word “hair extension market” is no longer fresh to those individuals who have an interest in cosmetics and hair styling. But it is only in the most recent years that the goods of this market have fully popular, and the primary reasons for this are as follows:


Hair extensions are really popular in recent years

  • In Europe, people’s beauty needs are increasing with the development of living standards. In order to easily change their appearance to become more beautiful, European women often look to the hair extension market to have longer, thicker hair and without affecting their real hair when styling.
  • For the world’s second largest consumer market for hair extensions, Africa, this depends largely on indigenous genes. Africans often have short, curly hair that sticks to the scalp. Therefore, they choose to look to the hair extension market to make themselves look more feminine with smooth, flowing hair.
  • In addition, not only in Europe and Africa, but also in other countries, the real hair extension market has also grown because experts have come to the conclusion that using human hair extensions will help users’ natural hair not be damaged. broken, damaged and affected by chemicals, heat when styling.
  • Another objective reason for the hair extension market is that the world has just experienced the Covid-19 pandemic, which has extremely serious effects on people’s natural hair, hair loss. Therefore,the hair extension market is one of the things that help people thicken their hair.

For these reasons, it is not difficult to see the future growth of the real hair extension market. If you are planning to join the wholesale hair extension market, this is the right time for you.

The main supplier of hair extension market.

Every market has some outstanding brands and the hair extension market is no exception. Here are some famous factories in hair extension market.

5S Hair Factory: The most reputable wholesale hair extensions in Vietnam.

5S Hair Factory is a leading brand factory in Vietnam’s hair extension market, which was founded in the early 20th century. The original materials of 5S Hair Factory’s products, which are real hair from young Vietnamese girls between the ages of 18 and 25, are what make them so well-known in the hair extension market for the product’s  gloss, strength, and durability.


5S Hair Factory from Vietnamese hair extension market

Besides, this brand is also famous in the real hair extension market for its product variety, which is very important for wholesale hair extensions. And the price of 5S Hair is also considered to be very reasonable compared to the hair extension market of Vietnam. This is the reason that so many professional hair salons have partnered with this brand.

If you are looking to join the hair extension market wholesale and find yourself a good hair extensions supplier, please contact Ms.Lily by the number Whatsapp: +84855555348 for the earliest advice from 5S Hair’s expert.

K-Hair – One of the big factories of hair extension market in Vietnam.

K-Hair is also considered as one of the leading suppliers in Vietnam in the hair extension market. This is also a competitor of 5S Hair.


K-Hair’s wholesale human hair extensions

The real hair extensions of K-Hair are quite good, but the price of this brand is a bit high compared to the real hair extension market of Vietnam, so many hair salons are quite hesitant about whether to choose K-Hair products or not. 

If you are looking for a wholesale hair extension factory of the Vietnamese hair extension market, you can refer to K-Hair.

Mic Hair – A large wholesale hair extension exporter from Vietnam.

For the hair extension market of Vietnam, Mic Hair is also a quite famous brand.

Compared to the quality and price of the product, Mic Hair is often known for the variety of hair extensions offered by this factory. If you are looking for a supplier from the Vietnamese hair extension market with a reasonable price, then you can refer to Mic Hair.

SSR Hair Wigs – An Indian hair extensions wholesale factory.

SSR Hair Wigs, also known as Sri Sai Ram Hair Industries is a hair extensions supplier in the hair extension market of India.

Both the classification, quality and price of this brand are quite diverse and can meet most of the needs of customers, whether their capital is small or large.

If you are looking for a supplier of the Indian hair extension market, then SSR Hair Wigs is a good choice.

Queen Hair – A supplier of Vietnamese hair extensions in Nigeria.

The big special feature of Queen Hair is that, although the products are made from real Vietnamese hair, the consumer real hair extension market of this factory is Nigeria.


Queen Hair is a big supplier for Nigerian hair extension market

Therefore, the hair extension bundles of Queen Hair are very suitable for the tastes of the hair extension market of Nigeria.

Check out Queen Hair if you are a hair salon or looking to start your wholesale hair extensions business in Nigeria.