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Dreams ville Project – A dreamy house for you

Dreams ville Project – A dreamy house for you

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About Dreams ville Project

In this first part, we will introduce the Dreams ville project

About the customer’s original idea

The first idea came from K’s client himself- Render. With the house for the owner, you want a comfortable, spacious, comfortable space but still very sophisticated and luxurious, suitable for living and working for the people living in it.

Interior of the Dreams ville house

The interior details of the house are directly selected by the homeowners to meet the needs and preferences of customers.


The interior of the Dreams ville house is made mainly of stone

Wood and stone are the main materials to make the space of the house more sophisticated and luxurious. With black, white and cold tones, the furniture needs to give the house a comfortable and cozy space.

Dreams ville layout

  • 1st floor: living room with dining room and kitchen
  • 2nd floor: bedroom and dressing room
  • 3rd floor: large bedroom and balcony space

K-Render Studio Dreams ville rendering

Next, we will introduce the process as well as the steps to complete the rendering of the Dreams ville project.

Modeling and modeling for each room

If other design methods mainly focus on steps such as building blueprints or sketching architectural works by hand drawing or traditional methods. So with rendering for this Dreams ville project, we completely use rendering software on the computer to render the client’s work.


Modeling process and ideation for the project

  • The modeling process is not simple, the rendering artists had to use rendering software to be able to produce the right sketches for the customer.
  • However, they need to be proficient in using the tools in the software.
    In addition, the level of expertise of the visualizer must also be high to be able to understand the client’s intentions.

Selection of appropriate materials and furniture

The rendering process will be indispensable for the selection of materials for the project or architectural work.


Choosing the source of materials for interior works is extremely important

  • It is the customer who makes the decision about which materials to use for which objects. K-Render’s job is to use sophisticated features and techniques on computer software to bring customers the most similar objects in the room to real life.
  • Besides, the furniture used inside the room must also match with each other, together creating accents for the room itself and the rendering space. This will largely depend on the colorist’s ability to colorize that visualizer.

Using photo angles for each room in Dreams ville

Photo angle is the last important factor that visualizers need to pay attention to.


The angle of the photo is tilted to see the whole room

  • The angles of this photorealistic architectural rendering as well as each scene used in the room will be based on the total area of ​​that project and the wishes of the customer.
  • If the area of ​​the room is large, it will need many different angles so that customers can see the entire space of their architecture in the most clear way.
  • However, if customers only need certain scenes, K-Render will still meet those needs of customers but with a more suitable and affordable price.

Feedback from customers about the Dreams ville project

Customer feedback is very good. They will even look to our 3D rendering studio if the next need arises. And will recommend our brand to more friends. Indeed, there will be no better opportunity than to self-review and recommend to customers. Thus, it will benefit both our customers in general and our K-Render company in particular.

Once again, we sincerely thank customers for always supporting and trusting K-Render. We will always try our best to give our customers the best service experience.