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Casa Moderna – contemporary style renderings of K-Render

Casa Moderna – contemporary style renderings of K-Render

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In the following article, we will introduce you to Casa Moderna’s rendering process.

Introduction to Casa Moderna project background

First we will talk about the original concept of Casa Moderna.

  • With such a cozy private home space, we have been told by our customers that they want to make a house in a traditional contemporary style. However, after discussing and agreeing with the criteria proposed by both parties, the customer will agree that the Casa Moderna house will be in a modern contemporary style with many shiny materials, minimalist and refined color tones. economic.
  • Next, the purpose of rendering Casa Moderna is to help homeowners visualize the entire scene of the house. From there, they will be able to calculate the inappropriate details and have a faster and more convenient construction and construction process of Casa Moderna than before.

The Casa Moderna Project Rendering Process

In this section, we will introduce you to the key factors that contribute to the success of the Casa Moderna project.

Using light for the house

Light is an important element in the rendering process of Casa Moderna. Therefore, this can be considered as the first and most important step to shape and help the visualization project make successful strides and best types of architectural renderings

  • Firstly, light is divided into two types: natural light and artificial light. Natural light can be used in small and medium sized rooms. As a result, the space of the room will be more open and airy. Artificial light will be used in rooms that need more discreet and private space.
  • Secondly, in this Casa Moderna house, we use a lot of natural light based on the owner’s request. Therefore, the space of each room seems to be expanded. In addition, thanks to professional visualization software, we can bring realistic and highly aesthetic visualization products.

Selection of materials of Casa Moderna

The next element we want to introduce in the process of rendering Casa Moderna is the element of interior materials in each room of the house.

  • Firstly, the materials we use in Casa Moderna and also La Veranda project are mainly brick, stone and wood. In order to achieve a luxurious space like the final product of Casa Moderna, we have tried to give the object the shine of wood and stone.
  • Secondly, we have illustrated Casa Moderna according to the tools and equipment of professional visualization software. For rooms like the living room, we pay special attention to furniture and materials.

Using the right photography angle for each room Casa Moderna

The last important factor in the rendering process for the Casa Moderna project is the angle of the photo. 

We used basic image angles such as the front angle, wide angle, etc. From there, we can also rely on the size of the rooms at Casa Moderna to find the most suitable photo angles.

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The above is all information related to the rendering process of Casa Moderna. For all contact information, please email info@k-render.com.