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All thing you may want to know about a 3D rendering studio

All thing you may want to know about a 3D rendering studio

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3D rendering studio is one of the important partners of not only architectural design companies, real estate companies but also companies that need to visualize their products. So this article will be very necessary information for many audiences.

Regards from K-Render – The Best 3D Rendering Studios founders.

Mr Ryan – the CEO, and Mr Daniel – the Chief Architect of our 3D rendering studio had both significant contributions to the success of K-Render Studio.
Mr Ryan – our CEO is also a creative, agile, and knowledgeable architect. He is the one who understands the demand for a 3D rendering studio as a partner in Vietnam as well as foreign companies. He noticed that the majority of architecture firms around the world still require a 3D rendering studio which is capable of comprehending their architectural designs. As a result, K-Render Studio was established with the aim of becoming their partner.
Mr. Daniel, our chief architect, is a talented and experienced architect who works as a partner and professional counselor to our 3D rendering studio. We were able to navigate a 10-year road in the field of photorealistic architecture rendering thanks to their existence.

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What is the service of our 3D rendering studio?

We specialize in high-quality architectural rendering at an affordable price. Here are some of the top rendering services we provide:

  • 3D Interior rendering services: 3D interior rendering is a service that requires expertise in both rendering techniques and architectural understanding. From architectural drawings, construction sections, … anything you give, our 3D rendering studio can give you the best 3D interior rendering back.
  • 3D exterior rendering services: Just like 3D interior rendering, 3D exterior rendering has its own set of challenges. 3D rendering studios have to pay more attention to lighting and natural elements so that exterior renderings will be as realistic as possible. And we are confident we can make you satisfied.
  • Aerial rendering services: Our 3D rendering studio can surely satisfy you with speed and quality of aerial rendering service.

What makes our 3D rendering studio special?

K-Render Studio has been trusted for nearly a decade. So what makes K-Render Studio special from other 3D rendering studios?

  • Understanding design ideas of customers: All rendering artists of our 3D rendering studio are architects who have studied design and know about architectural styles in the world. So our 3D rendering studio can best understand the customer’s design, can even make suggestions of design such as even 3D interior rendering or exterior rendering ideas so that the customer has the most complete architectural design.
  • Fast: With the advantage of agility in architecture and proficient software skills, our 3D rendering studio can help customers reduce 30-40% of their project rendering time.
  • Reasonable price: In terms of price, K-Render Studio is considered very reasonable compared to current 3D rendering studios. More specifically, our 3D rendering studio also has special offers for new customers. Maybe this is an opportunity for architectural companies
  • High-quality of services: Regarding the service quality of our 3D rendering studio, there is no doubt that we have cooperated with major partners in Vietnam and the world. You can refer to our projects at the official website: K-Render.com

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The special offer from our 3D rendering studio – K-Render

With the mission of bringing the best solutions for 3D interior rendering, exterior rendering and other services to design companies, investors and real estate companies, K-Render Studio always offers the best benefits for your customers


Special offer of our 3D Rendering Studio

Currently our 3D rendering studio is having a super special price for new customers: $9.9 per sqm + free consultant. Or the way to calculate the equivalent price (by view, by working hours) are all being discounted.
And more than that, for customers with a total area of ​​over 300 sqm, we unlimit the number of views for you.

Hurry up to get super offer from K-Render – Top #1 3D Rendering Studio
Please Contact Mr Ryan – Hotline/ Whatsapp: (+84)855555961

Some high-quality rendering of our 3D rendering studio

Let’s discover the most high-quality renderings of K-Render Studio. They are all highly appreciated by our customers

3D interior rendering of our 3D rendering studio

The 3D interior rendering project we want to introduce is Summer Bar and Restaurant project.


A bar and restaurant located right next to the beach

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This is the project of a bar and restaurant complex next to the beach, such a beautiful view. This project our 3D rendering studio have done is about 250 square meters.

This project is a project where K-Render merely renders according to the customer’s existing design. In the process of working, our team tries to refine the details in each scene as follows:

  • The light and color of the sea is the hardest thing to visualize, our 3D rendering studio had to refer to the actual lighting at the project site to get the most accurate rendering as you can see in the illustrations.

The natural light floods into the bar and restaurant space

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  • In terms of materials, the design of the 3D interior rendering project has quite a lot of details of trees, our 3D rendering studio wanted and did to be able to bring viewers into the real space with the green color of the space.

Exterior rendering of our 3D rendering studio

Here are some pictures of the exterior rendering project that our 3D rendering studio would like to recommend.


The camera angle of Collin Celeste resort

This project was illustrated by K-Render Studio in 2019 with an area of 5000 square meters on a mountain.

  • Regarding lighting, our 3D rendering studio uses light in the evening range to fully describe the beauty of the project scene.
  • In terms of materials, our 3D rendering studio focuses on the tree layers in the mountains, which are the surroundings of the building

The tree layers of the most exterior rendering project of K-Render

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  • Regarding the camera angle, instead of choosing a horizontal angle, our 3D rendering studio chooses a camera angle from the top down to clearly see the resort’s swimming pool in the back.

Above are typical projects of K-Render Studio – The Best 3D Rendering Studio. With years of experience in the industry, you are sure to have a 3D interior rendering rendering and exterior rendering services experience.