Must-know things about wholesale rice suppliers

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Wholesale rice suppliers play an important role in the global rice trade. To work effectively with wholesale rice suppliers, you should have a specific plan.

Wholesale rice suppliers’ overview

To become wholesale rice suppliers, individuals or organizations need to have the following features.

  • Stable supply chains provide high-quality rice that is verified by standards such as HACCP, Global Gap, FDA, etc.
  • Standardized processing facilities to ensure the quality of output, conforming to rice milling requirements.
  • Required documents include business permit, ISO 9000, FSSC 22000, etc.

There are 2 main types of wholesale rice suppliers.

  • Direct wholesale white rice suppliers are located in growing areas such as Vietnam, Thailand, and India. The price of these wholesale rice suppliers is affordable.
  • Intermediate wholesale rice suppliers are from non-rice-producing countries including Singapore and the Philippines. The price offered by these wholesale rice suppliers is higher because they invest in advanced technology.

India, Vietnam, and Thailand are three countries having many wholesale rice suppliers. Indian wholesale rice suppliers account for 25% of the total rice export. Vietnamese wholesale rice suppliers exported 6.15 million tons in 2020, while Thailand wholesale rice suppliers provided 5.27 million tons to other countries.


Leading products of wholesale rice suppliers

Wholesale rice suppliers focus on 3 primary rice types including long-grain rice, fragrant rice, and japonica rice.

  • Long grain rice has its length five-time its width. There are many varieties of long grain rice, in which ST rice from Vietnamese wholesale rice suppliers. In addition, Vietnamese ST rice was awarded the best rice in the World’s Best Rice in 2019.
  • Fragrant rice is another popular rice type of wholesale rice suppliers. Jasmine rice and Basmati rice are two representatives of this rice type.
  • Japonica rice is called Japanese rice with a rice content of nutrients, and a soft texture when cooked.

A guideline to work with wholesale rice suppliers

There are many steps to have a successful order with wholesale rice suppliers.

Find trustworthy wholesale rice suppliers

To meet reliable wholesale rice suppliers, you can depend on the following criteria:

  • Clear information about business permits, address, and company profile
  • Necessary certificates such as HACCP, ISO 9000, or Global GAP.
  • Impressive testimonials


There are channels to find wholesale rice suppliers.

  • E-commerce platforms such as Alibaba, Tradewheel, etc.
  • Trade fairs allow buyers to meet wholesale rice suppliers face to face.
  • The Internet

Negotiate price

Price is the most important thing that you should clarify with wholesale rice suppliers. In addition, you should update rice wholesale price every week because it fluctuates over time.


Sign the contract

The contract is a must-have document, representing the agreements between you and wholesale rice suppliers. Therefore, you should be careful to check all of the terms with the wholesale rice suppliers.

Finish the payment

After signing the contract, you should finish the payment for wholesale rice suppliers to prepare the rice and send it to you. As soon as receiving the goods, you should check the quantity and quality and give feedback to the wholesale rice supplier.

Top 3 wholesale rice suppliers

Wholesale rice suppliers will provide stable supply chains with high-quality rice. Here is the list of 5 wholesale rice suppliers you should consider.

Shree Krishna Rice Mills – one of the best wholesale rice suppliers

Shree Krishna Rice Mills is a representative of Indian wholesale rice suppliers. Having 23-year experience, the wholesale rice supplier’s distribution reaches many countries such as the USA, Canada, etc.

K-Agriculture Factory – one of the best wholesale rice suppliers

Founded in 1996, to talk about K-Agriculture Factorythey have become one of the leading Vietnamese wholesale rice suppliers. It is a trustworthy partner supplying the best Vietnamese rice to 80 countries.


Riceland – one of the best wholesale rice suppliers

Riceland supplies 2.5 million tons of rice to the international market every year. It is one of the most famous wholesale rice suppliers distributing high-quality sushi rice, jasmine rice, and parboiled rice.


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