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In the active coffee trading market, there are many wholesale coffee suppliers but not all of them have reasonable prices and high quality products. To work with them, wholesale buyers need to research carefully about these suppliers or hire intermediary services.

Brief introduction of wholesale coffee suppliers

Wholesale coffee suppliers are individuals or companies that supply coffee in bulk. Wholesale coffee suppliers can be an intermediary between producers and consumers, or can also be producers if they have coffee growing land and enough resources to build a processing factory.

Popular products of wholesale coffee suppliers

Wholesale coffee suppliers mainly supply two main types of coffee, green coffee and roasted coffee, because of the great world demand for these two types of coffee.

Green coffee is coffee that has gone through the primary process. 95% of the world’s green coffee beans come from coffee growing regions, typically Brazil, Vietnam, and Colombia. The remaining 5% comes from intermediate countries like Singapore. The price of green coffee beans is regulated on the international market.


(Unit: USD/ton)

MY 2018/19 MY 2019/20 MY 2020/21
Arabica coffee 2670.6 3027.2 3027.2
Robusta coffee 1691.0 1531.9 1783.2

Roasted coffee is coffee that has gone through secondary processing. With a great demand for coffee every day, wholesale roasted coffee is chosen by coffee roasters to provide roasted coffee for coffee connoisseurs. The price of roasted coffee in the market varies greatly depending on the type of coffee, method and roasting time.

Top regions with many large wholesale coffee suppliers

Brazil is the largest coffee supplier in the world. Brazil exports 2.5 tons of coffee per year, accounting for one-third of the world’s coffee production.

Vietnam is the second largest coffee exporting country in the world, each year Vietnam exports 0.9 tons of coffee. Vietnam is considered the world’s Robusta coffee basket with 40% of the world’s Robusta coffee production, in which Robusta Lam Dong is one of the most popular product line.

Colombia ranks 3rd in the world in terms of coffee supply. Colombian coffee is rated as high quality coffee and reached the highest price according to ICO.


Potential consumption market of wholesale coffee suppliers

The US is the world’s leading coffee importer because of its high consumption demand. Americans consume more than 140 billion cups per year or about 400 million cups of coffee per day.

Germany is the world’s second largest importer of green coffee beans because Germany is one of the world’s leading roasted coffee suppliers. They import green coffee beans in bulk, roast and re-export them. The value of German roasted coffee exports reaches $3.1 billion a year.

France is the third country to supply coffee beans with an export value of $2.7 billion a year.

Factors affecting the development of wholesale coffee suppliers

Wholesale coffee suppliers are deeply influenced by factors of supply, demand, and government policies. World supply decreased due to the impact of epidemics and natural disasters while Europe’s demand for coffee is increasing again after the Covid-19 vaccination campaign, causing coffee prices to rise continuously. However, bilateral and regional free trade agreements strongly support wholesale coffee traders in reducing export taxes.

Steps to find and work with wholesale coffee suppliers

Before working with wholesale coffee suppliers, you need to search and thoroughly research these suppliers through factors such as transparent profiles, testimonials, professional customer service, etc.

To work effectively with wholesale coffee suppliers, it is necessary to understand the import and export process of each country as well as the documents to prepare. In addition, you can also find brokers when you are just starting to import coffee from a new country.


Top reputable wholesale coffee suppliers in the world

Among thousands of wholesale coffee suppliers around the world, here are some reputable wholesale coffee suppliers.

Ga Food – Wholesale coffee supplier in Brazil

Brazil is the land of coffee, so it’s easy for Brazilian wholesale coffee suppliers to find quality and reputable sources. Ga Food is one of the largest Brazilian wholesale suppliers, especially high-quality Arabica coffee.

Contact information

WhatsApp: +84 855555837

K-Agriculture Factory – Wholesale coffee supplier in Vietnam

K-Agriculture Factory was established in 1996 and empowered by the Vietnamese government. They are the pioneers in the field of bringing Vietnamese agricultural products to the world. Every year, K-Agriculture supplies thousands of tons of coffee to the world market, especially USA, Japan and Europe.


Contact information

Email: info@k-agriculture.com

Website: https://k-agriculture.com/

WhatsApp: +84 855555837

Hacienda Flanders – Leading wholesale coffee supplier in Colombia

Hacienda Flanders has a professional experience in coffee production through more than 100 years of development and has expanded to the international roasted Arabica coffee trade.

Contact information

Phone: +84 855555837