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Wholesale black pepper – The current situation

Wholesale black pepper – The current situation

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To deeply understand the wholesale black pepper market, both buyer and supplier should notice information of current status, crop condition, expert’s opinion to make a wise decision when trading.


Wholesale black pepper – The current situation


Some noticeable details in the wholesale black pepper market:


  • Markets fluctuates after the Lunar New Year Holiday, COVID – 19 pandemic, and trading activities gathered steam.
  • The leading country in pepper production – Vietnam has moved up after special events. The speculative demand, together with the mismatch between demand and supply is blamed for the upward trend.
  • In Brazil, the price witness an upward trend in March and followed up in August. The average cost reaches 2.887USD/ton (up to August)
  • The U.S pepper has recovered in the last 6 months of 202, an increase of 3% compared to 2019.
  • Total imports to the EU in 2020 declined by 9% compared to the previous year. The decline was reflected in both whole and ground pepper imports.


Global crop condition of wholesale black pepper market


A few comments on the actual global crop situation of some leading pepper exporting countries: 


Rains between December and January have delayed the harvesting activities in some positions, which also affect the flowering later in 2021. The weather conditions are enhancing and favorable, expected a good year of production.


In March, the harvesting is processing and drawing to end in southern Brazil. The demand for Brazil pepper is increasingly good from the UEA and the U.S.


Increasing the pepper exporting amount from the U.S and China markets in July but the price also witness a higher value of 3.458USD/ton in 8/2021, an increase of 18.2% for the same period in 2020. 

Buyers are researching and interested in Indonesian pepper due to the increasing prices in Vietnam.


South-eastern has produced a good production but the berries did not reach the highest quality due to the inadequate rainfall. In addition, the effect of COVID-19 makes the export volumes below the expected.



Wholesale black pepper – Market prediction


The Import-Export Department – Ministry of Industry and Trade forecasts that the world pepper price will continue to increase in the coming time. The complicated developments of the COVID-19 epidemic affected harvesting and processing difficulties, leading to supply disruptions. Goods brought to the port were congested, export contracts could not go because the freight rates were too high.

Meanwhile, Brazil is currently facing a serious decrease in pepper production. Pepper production in Indonesia and Vietnam is also not very positive.