5S Hair Factory – the best Vietnamese hair extensions vendors

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5S Hair Factory, specializes in manufacturing and supplying hair extension products whose raw materials are guaranteed to be 100% from human hair in VietNam. If you are looking for an opportunity to enter the hair industry, let’s consider 5S Hair Factory as your best choice.

Is 5S Hair Factory a newbie in the hair industry

5S Hair Factory is Vietnam’s first hair manufacturer, having founded in 1989 and concentrating on the creation and processing of wholesale big purchases to faithful customers or clients who travelled Vietnam and purchased directly from our business. However, in order to promote Vietnamese hair enterprises to the rest of the globe so that every client can enjoy the high – quality products at the most inexpensive prices, we’ve started marketing on media platforms so that anybody in the planet may purchase hair immediately from 5S Hair factory.


Mr. Adam Smith – CEO of 5S Hair Factory

The meaning of the name “5S Hair Factory”

5s Hair Factory has the attractive meaning:

  • “S” stands for the wonderful country of Vietnam. Vietnam is a long sliver of land that resembles the letter “S.” S also represents for feminine attractiveness: the sexy S-line physique, the tenderness of hair with S-line frizz…
  • “5” signifies the world’s five continents: Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

Our brand, 5s, was founded with the goal of giving elegance to all women across the globe via hair, allowing them to sparkle in their own special manner. There is no such thing as a beauty ideal; you are only gorgeous when you have your own confidence.


5S Hair Factory

5S Hair Factory – the ideal choice for wholesale hair extensions

The reasons below will help you have the most accurate view and understand more about the 5S hair factory.

  • 5S Hair Factory is a factory of human hair: we use a large operation to lawfully purchase and create our own hair. 5S Hair Factory markets and sells about 2000 kg of hair each month to markets around the globe, including Ghana, Europe, America, England, Nigeria, South Africa,…

The production of 5S Hair Factory

  • 5S Hair Factory has the cheapest deal in the market: we own a distinct factory that is managed technically and properly, then the sales price is the greatest in Vietnam and incredibly competitive in the global market. Despite the fact that Vietnamese hair is a premium product due to its high quality, 5S Hair Factory attempts to provide competitive prices so that any purchaser has the ability to try 5S Hair Factory’s products.

5S Hair Factory with cheapest price in the market


  • 5S Hair Factory is a well-known and trusted brand: 5S Hair has received numerous diplomas and accolades from Vietnamese government and prominent organizations in recognition of the quality of goods and the values that 5S Hair Factory brings to the community.
  • The astonishing performances of the 5S Hair Factory: The 5S Hair has an office in the United States, which launched in 2018, is the company’s first step towards providing the 5S name to customers worldwide. In addition, 5S opened a branch in the Federation Of Nigeria in 2018. The existence of 5S Hair in the two largest hair markets in the world is a testament to the company’s quality. 5S Hair received the Top Famous Vietnamese Brand Award in 2021. This is a prominent prize in Vietnam that is given out year after year to recognize respected businesses that have excelled in both commercial outcomes and social value.

The award of 5S Hair Factory in 2021

  • 5S Hair offers a wide range of products: 5S has manufactured a variety of hair in a variety of styles such as straight hair and curly hair, in a variety of forms: virgin hair extensions products like weft hair extensions, clip-in hair extensions, tip/tape hair extensions… and in an array of colors. 5S Hair can gratify customers with thin, wavy African hair as well as Europeans with short hair hooks.

The products of 5S Hair Factory

  • 5S Hair Factory is always concerned about the product ’s quality. To ensure that consumers have the greatest care when ordering hair from 5S, we invest heavily in educating a team of professional advisors who can answer clients’ inquiries 24/7. 5S Hair Factory also has policies for customers after buying the products.
  • The payment and delivery policies of 5S Hair Factory are both convenient. With many decades of work expertise, 5S has its own shipment to significant countries such as Nigeria… thus shipping times and rates are outstanding. 5S Hair Factory also assists clients with the transaction process by allowing them to pick the form of payment.

5S Hair Factory with great customer care

With the outstanding features of 5S Hair Factory mentioned above, you must have seen us somewhat. Let us accompany you.

5S Hair Factory – mission & vision in the hair industry

  • “Shine with your own style” – the 5s Hair Factory’s Motto. Each lady has her own unique attractiveness. Some women prefer sensual beauty, while others choose powerful elegance… This, however, is irrelevant . Just let your brightness show when you are there! There are hardly any beauty criteria; you are only gorgeous when you are self-assured!
  • Our Hair Glows Brightly. We are glad to give the highest hair quality in a variety of colors and styles, as part of our commitment to promote beauty to all women across the country. 5S Hair Factory provides all the hairstyles you might want. In the hair industry, our greatest motive will be your happiness and trustworthiness. Let us journey with you to the peak of accomplishment in the beauty of the adventure!

5S Hair Factory – best hair extension suppliers

To grasp more information about 5S Hair Factory, please contact us our manager: Ms.Lily – Whatsapp: +84855555754